Plenty to do for small groups

2022 – 2023 Small Group Review

At the end of 2022 we commenced a review of our small groups structure within St John’s.  A survey completed by over 100 church members has provided useful feedback on what the church family would like to see from small groups in terms of structure, support and material. This also helped to identify the small groups which existed (mainly in the form of house groups and MicroGroups), and provided a list of people who would like to be part of some form of small group.

We are  at the end of Phase 3 of the review – the relaunching of the groups!

Being part of a small group is a great way of growing in our faith.  St John’s offers a range of small groups these include:

Growth Groups (small groups/house groups) for young people and adults – a warm place of friendship and fellowship where we can support one another and grow in our faith through fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

Micro Groups – a group of four people who meet regularly to encourage one another to grow in faith through prayer, Bible study.  Micro Group members are committed to supporting one another on their faith journey.

To find out more about our small groups or to join one please contact the church office on

Small Group Study Material

Ephesians – Who Do You Think You Are?

Over the last six months we have been carrying our a review of small groups within St John’s. As a result we have refreshed and launched our Growth Groups (previously known as small groups/house groups), and are about to do the same for our MicroGroups.   To support this we have prepared a series of 13 bible studies based on Ephesians. 

Click here for the Study Notes for Ephesians – Who do you think you are?

This material is particularly designed to help new  and refreshed groups get to know one another and to build relationships within the groups. It would be helpful to read the whole book of Ephesians before starting the course.  

The Bible Project has produced an excellent introductory video to the Book of Ephesians:

Book of Ephesians Summary | Watch an Overview Video (

Hard copies of the notes can be found in the West End in Church, or available on request from the Church Office. 

Growth Groups

Growth Groups (also known as House Groups) are groups of about 8-10 people who meet to pray, look at Bible together, share in fellowship and support and encourage one another.

The aim of the group is to help its members grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Growth groups aim to meet fortnightly.  We encourage groups to follow the study material produced by church.

At St John’s, following the review of small groups, we have 12 Growth Groups in place, and there is scope to develop new groups as required.

For more information contact Revd Canon David Banbury:


Micro-groups are a model of discipleship where, ideally, four people commit to mutual support, prayer, study and accountability.

The group members seek to help each other grow in faith and action.

When and how you meet is down to the group members, but we suggest that you aim to meet at least every fortnight.

Click on the following resource documents for more information (pdf format).

Micro Groups Introduction

Micro Groups 4 Stages-Phases

Micro Group Resource – Walk through the Bible

For more information contact Revd Canon David Banbury: