Commonwealth War Graves

Commonwealth War Graves St John the Baptist Church Burscough

The churchyard contains twenty-one Commonwealth War Graves, commemorating the lives of twenty-two servicemen (two brothers share the same grave). Their headstones have been provided, and continue to be maintained, by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The churchyard also contains the grave of Edward Bridge, a local man who received a Military Medal and British Empire Medal from King George VI, along with a personally signed letter from Winston Churchill, for the role he played as a Volunteer Interceptor for the Radio Security Service during WW2.

A project to develop a ‘History Trail’ for local primary schools, and a booklet providing information about each of the ‘fallen’ has been produced. This also contains details of the ‘East Window’ of the church and its links to WW1. A copy is available online and can be viewed or downloaded here.

Friends of St John the Baptist Churchyard

In 2024, an initiative was launched to increase the diversity of plant life in the churchyard, which it is hoped, in time, will also lead to an increase in insects, birds and wildlife. Flanders Poppy seeds have been scattered at the head of each Commonwealth War Grave, numerous flowering bulbs have been planted, nesting boxes are being introduced, and an area of the churchyard has been identified for potential re-wilding.

The work is being undertaken by church members, friends and relatives of those buried in the churchyard, and volunteers from the local community. Assistance is also being provided by specialist advisors where appropriate. The aim of the ‘Friends’ group is to manage the churchyard ‘for people, wildlife and heritage’. It is hoped that further information can be provided via a separate webpage in due course. Once a link becomes available, it will be added here.