Adults and Kids Welcome!

For many people, visiting a Church for the first time can be a little daunting. We really hope that isn’t the case here at St John’s, but to hopefully answer questions you may have, please see below some words from our Vicar. We provide a welcoming environment for adults, children and families. If you still have reservations or questions, please get in touch with us.

“Having only visited a church previously for occasions such as Weddings, Christenings and Funerals I was a little apprehensive about attending for a Sunday service at St Johns, Burscough.” ~ Matt Brown

What should I wear?

Will people ask me about God?

Will I need to sing?

Do I need to give a donation?

What if my daughter cries loudly? 

St Johns is a friendly, welcoming place to visit on your own or with your family. They offer three different services on a Sunday; at 9am there is a traditional service; at 11am a family focused all-age, more contemporary service; and at 7pm a contemporary evening service popular with young and older adults alike.

All three services include worship to music; at 9am, traditional hymns are sung to the fabulous sound of the church pipe organ whilst at the 11am and 7pm services talented members of the congregation play guitars, keyboards and drums to contemporary worship music.

The family service at 11am includes a creche and groups for children aged 3-14 but if your children would prefer to stay with you for the full service, that’s absolutely fine.

Each service ends with an opportunity for a brew and a biscuit where you can chat with friends. As new visitors to our church, this is the perfect chance to meet new people but there is no pressure to stay and chat if you are shy or have a busy day planned.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?  Whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people like to wear their Sunday best, but shorts and hoodies are just as welcome at St Johns.

Will people ask me about God?  You are more likely to get asked if you want tea or coffee! Everyone who visits church will be at different stages in their faith journey. You might be an experienced Christian who is new to the area or you could be curious about faith and keen to see what Church is all about. Everyone is welcome.

Will I need to sing?  Music is a big part of the services at St Johns but you don’t have to sing. The lyrics are cast on to screens around the church and refreshingly most people do sing so you can really belt the words out without feeling self-conscious, if that’s your thing. But if your more of a foot tapper than a singer, then that’s fine too.

Do I need to give a donation?  Visitors to our church are not required to give a donation. Regular members of the congregation tend to support the church through regular support or adding a donation during their visit so you may want to consider this if you become a regular in the future.

What if my daughter cries loudly?  “I was relieved on my first visit to discover the kid running around at the front was the Curate’s son, so I quickly relaxed about our daughter crying from the rear pew. Children of all ages are welcomed with a variety of amenities offered to keep them entertained.” ~ Matt Brown

So, if you are thinking of visiting St Johns then I would encourage you to come along. Hope to see you soon!

The main path to St John’s