Life events at St John's

Life throws many experiences at us some of them happy, some unsettling, some sad and some leading us to ask big questions about life and about God.  St John’s seeks to help and support people on their journey through life and to be there for people as they face significant life events.

Baptism & Thanksgiving

Congratulations on your new arrival!  We would be delighted to help you celebrate the joy of new life with a service to mark the arrival of a new member in your family.

Baptisms (also known as Christenings) give family and friends in particular parents and Godparents the opportunity to give thanks to God for the birth of a baby and to make promises to help that child come to know God through involvement in the life of the church.

Baptisms for young people and adults are also offered for those who would like to publicly declare their faith in God and their desire to follow Jesus.

For those who are unsure about making declarations of faith and commitment but who want to give thanks for the birth of a baby we also offer a Service of Thanksgiving.

Weddings & Services of Blessing

One of the joys of life is meeting someone special and falling in love.  This experience often prompts couples to want to mark and celebrate their love and show their commitment to one another.

If you are considering St John’s as a place for a wedding, please do get in touch with us through the parish office.  There are, of course, some legal regulations regarding the conduct of weddings but we would be happy to go through these with you.

In addition to weddings St John’s can also conduct services of blessing following a civil ceremony if this is of interest to you, then we would be delighted to hear from you.


The loss of a loved one is a very difficult life experience and St John’s wants to offer a compassionate and caring response to the experience of bereavement.

Following a death, families normally contact a funeral director and through them begin to make arrangements for a funeral service.  Should you have experienced the loss of a loved one we wish to express our sincere condolences.

Please contact the parish office regarding funeral arrangements, burials and the burial of ashes in the church yard.