The jazz band had feet tapping and heads swaying, some were shouting out ‘yeah’ and there was plenty of impromptu applause for the musicians’  improvisation solos. The vocalist sang the Jimmie Rodgers lyrics:

You’ll see me hanging ’round again some day
‘Cause I know that’s the only way to lose
That mean old Mississippi River blues

This wasn’t a dark smoke-filled jazz club. The windows and doors were wide open and the sky was blue outside St John’s Church Hall for our Holiday at Home. ‘Hanging ‘round together’ summed up what really was happening for all present. We’d had enough of being cooped up and locked up over the last 18months.  It was now time to freely meet up and hang around together.

About 50 church members came over the two-days to play games (thank you Pauline Fletcher), do fun exercises (thank you Christine Shadwell) , and then eat lunches and cream teas provided by the wonderful Anne Rimmer and team. Phil Marshall, the St John’s king of puns, kept everyone happily groaning throughout. Hanging around meant a variety of activities. On the Friday we even did a coach trip out to Lytham St Anne’s and yes, walked on a beach and had ice creams!

Al Rimmer gave a pre-lunch thought for the day. By the end of the Holiday at Home, so many  commented how much they’d enjoyed ‘hanging ‘round again’. Definitely ‘the only way to lose that mean old Lockdown River Blues’. Happiness was in the air.  If you missed it, make sure we see you hanging ‘round again some day’ soon and lose those lockdown blues. Watch this space for future Holiday at Home events!