The Bible Journaling Group meets in Church on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The kettle is on from 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start and we finish at 9pm. YOU are always welcome to come along.

Our aim is to engage with the Bible in a creative way though doodling, drawing, words and space. The group consists of those interested in exploring their bible in a different way – most of us are ‘I’ll-have-a-go-ers’ but we also have few really talented artists and crafters. You are WELCOME, whichever group you identify with!

This is a relaxed, informal group and our evening has a pattern of refreshments, a very short introduction to a journaling technique you could have a go at, some quiet time to journal and some chatting time to share.

Our second session on October 21st focused on Fonts and we had an opportunity to experiment with a variety of ideas using pen and ink and dotted paper. We are looking forward to transferring these new skills and building up a bank of ideas to use in our Bible journals.

For further details contact the group organisers via the Church Office

Jill Baxter and Kathryn Banbury