Here at JCs Junior we have started the new term getting outside as much as we can. We’re all in Year 7 or 8 at high school. The leaders think they are that age too but are clearly not as cool as us! We love playing games and generally having fun, but we do have some great chats and play games with a purpose too.

We started the term with games to help us get to know one another a bit better. Recently we have had a speed games night where we all had 10 minutes to beat each other at a variety of different challenges. We’ve explored who our heroes might be, who the people might be that are there for us in the tough and difficult times in our lives. And then more recently we have explored some people think clothes are so important, what really matters when it comes to how people perceive us and how we can make wise choices when it comes to our clothes and appearance.

The rest of the term is packed with more fun to come: a visit to the illuminations, an evening of wide games (basically playing games outside in the dark!), chocolate Bingo , Ready Steady cook and much more fun too.

If you are in Y7 or Y8 you would be more than welcome to come along on a Wednesday evening – just drop us an email at :