Kingdom Quests

Over the last few weeks, Round the World in 80 Days has been on TV. There have been different versions of it over the years, but the basic story is that a gentleman named Phileas Fogg has the challenge of travelling around the world in 80 days. They said it couldn’t be done, yet he embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. He faced unknown challenges, saw new things and developed friendships throughout the experience. Going on a Quest can be an amazing challenge yet a fun experience.

Here at St John’s, we hold our own monthly Quests for children in Key Stage 2. They involve completing tasks, working together and racing against the clock to win a prize. The greatest prize is usually beating the Quest and the kudos that brings. Along the way, we make friends and have fun together.

Every Quest has a different theme with various challenges – from Super Science, getting Creative, an Eco Quest and exploring Christmas. Some of the things we have made include a Bug Hotel, called Buggingham Palace, and a magnificent stable. Just as Phileas Fogg found, the time seems to race by and yet each Quest has been successfully completed…so far!

We may not be able to travel around the world in 80 days just yet, but in our monthly Quests we are learning skills, working together and having fun along the way, which will help us in all our adventures in life.

Please contact Tracey on on for more details of all our amazing upcoming Quests.


Forest Church

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (cue music and swaying)

Of course, we are talking all about Christmas, and last December our Forest Church had the great joy of experiencing it through our Campfire Christmas celebrations. People of all ages gathered in the dark around a campfire, in the drizzly weather, clutching a hot chocolate as we sang carols, went on a nativity trail with some shepherds and their sheep enjoying toasted marshmallows and outdoor crafts. We explored the story in a different way and experienced something of how the first Christmas was for the shepherds – muddy and messy (and a whole list of other descriptive words you can add for yourselves!) Yet, it was here that Jesus came to be ‘God with us’, and that is why it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Forest Church is a great chance for people to gather together outside each month; to take time out to wander and wonder at God’s wonderful world. So, if you would like to join us, simply come along and give it a try. We meet in different locations each time; check out the website for the latest details.

If you have them, (don’t worry if not – we have spares!) you may want to bring a reusable cup for a hot chocolate, a chair or blanket and always dress for the weather! We are looking forward to the fun we will have together this year.