We had a very special, open air Baptism on Palm Sunday with two of our youth, Ben and Obi. They celebrated back at church with family and friends and Burgers before the 7pm service I which they talked about what brought them to Baptism.

Have a read of their testimonies below and enjoy the pictures of their special day:

Ben Nielson

So ever since I can remember, I have been involved in a church. I remember when we lived in Oldham, we used to meet in a café for worship. The people there were really nice. It was a close community. We didn’t have proper service like we have here, but I remember we would give thanks for things.

We moved house to Formby and I started going to a church there. At the same time, I was getting bullied at school. I prayed about it and I felt like God gave me hope and helped me get through this time. I remember going back to school after the holidays and the person who had been bullying came to me and said they were sorry for what they had done.

At about the same time I stopped going to church quite so much as I had other things on. And then covid came. I enjoyed YouTube church because people from church all helped. I really enjoyed recording stuff and helping. I began to realise that I wanted to follow Jesus but I couldn’t explain why.

Dad started his curacy here in Burscough and the second I moved here I knew I was going to be happy. It was more adapted for children and I knew I just wanted to follow Jesus. I’d moved to a new school that was really friendly and I felt really accepted.

I still didn’t really understand but I just knew God was there. I know God loves me and wants to help me but I have some stuff to do too. Mum and Dad have always helped and encouraged me. God want to help me but I have to be prepared to let him help me and that what I want to do now. That’s’ why I have decided to be baptized. I know this is a start in my faith journey and I’m excited for the future

Obi Birkett

When I was born mum and dad had me dedicated which is a way of saying thank you to God for me. When I was little I remember going to church. I used to have a good laugh with my mates. We went on weekends away with church but it was mainly just about having a good laugh. At school I learnt about Jesus and faith has always been really important in my family.

I was taken to New Wine where I met Ben & Joe. We had a good laugh and I remember feeling that God was there.

We moved to St John’s and I feel like that was a time that I started to get closer to God. I found it easier to understand stuff and it was more child friendly. There were more people my age so it made it easier to come along.

I remember going to Naturally Supernatural where I experienced the Holy Spirit in a really powerful way. I must have been about 13. I began to pay more attention.

We went on a weekend away to Grange where we learnt about the Holy Spirit. I made a promise to God to go to church more and I’ve tried to do that.

I’ve done the youth start course and I feel like this has made me focus. I feel like now is the time to make a step forward and so that is why I have been baptised. The water was freezing but I’m so glad I did it and I’ve definitely felt closer to God since then.