Diocese Fit For Mission plan for 2023

Update for St John’s

Fit for Mission is a major project being run by our Diocese to address the challenges and opportunities that face the church both nationally and in our local area.

Below is some information produced by our Diocese providing more information about this project.

The goal of Fit for Mission is to enable all parishes, church plants, fresh expressions, schools and chaplaincies to fulfil God’s mission and to make new disciples where they are.

We are at the start of a six-year programme which will be led by your local leaders – lay and ordained. There will be continual communication and programme updates, through your church, as well as available on the Diocese of Liverpool website – About Fit for Mission – Diocese of Liverpool (anglican.org)

Why do we need Fit for Mission?

We are asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference, so more people know Jesus and there is more justice in the world.  Fit for Mission focuses on 4 mission priorities which are foundational to this vision:

  1. Introducing people to Jesus
  2. Deepening discipleship

iii. Developing Christian leaders

  1. Working for justice

The Fit for Mission programme will provide focus and support to work together to face the significant issues that hold back mission and growth. We aim to address:

  • Declining church attendance.
  • A lack of diversity
  • An increasing admin burden.
  • Unsuitable and unsustainable buildings

Here are some helpful links with more information:

  • Two-page summary– this is a short introduction to Fit for Mission
  • Getting Fit for Mission ready – this is some ideas and suggestions for deaneries and churches who a looking for ways to prepare for Fit for Mission
  • Scoping document– this is a 57 page working document that describes the journey of a deanery towards being Fit for Mission
  • Frequently asked questions– this is a collection questions asked by church members in the two deaneries that have engaged with Fit for Mission.

Download a pdf of this plan by clicking this link St John’s Journal #118 – Friday 20th January 2023 FTM Supplement