During this term the worship and prayer life of Lordsgate School has focused on world issues, particularly that of equality and diversity of people around the world.  As part of our World Faith Week in school we organised a Prayer Spaces Event for both children and adults to take part in.

Prayer spaces are defined by ‘an opportunity to draw aside, take time out and meet with God to pray and seek his gloriousness.’ What a moment of serenity and joy this is, to push the world aside, pray and reflect on who we are and who is giving us His blessing and grace.

During the day the children visited six prayer spaces spread out around the school hall. These involved exploring water, our sense of place close and far, diversity, food, homelessness and changing one thing about our magical world. The whole experience allowed both adults and children to put themselves into other people’s shoes and see things how they may see things and feel things that other’s may feel; the real meaning and depth of what compassion is.

The vision for our school is, ‘Lordsgate opens a journey to God’s love and learning’ and we did just this during our prayer spaces experience. We went on a journey investigating prayer and thinking of others in a creative and exciting way which every child could access. There was a real sense of family and belonging as we united in prayer, respect and love for others and for people who are less fortunate than ourselves whom we have a duty to help and love, because He first loved us, as said in John.

The whole experience opened our eyes wider to the needs within our world and to look at our lives and remember and thank God for how grateful we are for the simple things like shoes, a hug and laughter. What an enjoyable and thought provoking day shared by all, a huge thank you to the children for being open minded and hearted, what a pleasure!!