Ahoy there mateys!

Just wanted to send you all a note, in this bottle, to say how great it be for me to see you on the beach for forest church.

It is a reminder to us all that wherever we go, wherever we travel God is always there! God is indeed in the forests, in the fields, in our parks and on the beaches!

Thanks for helping me to find that lost treasure; you landlubbers did well! Those painted stones are a reminder that God is our strength and a strong fortress. AYE, you were great diggers and I loved seeing your fabulous fortresses and sensational sandcastles.

Your messages in the sand remind me that we can talk to God in many different ways, and that there are many different ways that we can tell others about the Good News, that God loves us all!

Some of that treasure simply said, “Be Still!” As a busy pirate, I can forget to BE STILL and listen to God, and there’s no better place to BE STILL than outside; especially on them beautiful beaches!

So, remember to BE STILL me hearties! Of course, that treasure also reminds me that many people (pirates included) chase after money and other things to make themselves happy. I have seen many a rich pirate who is not happy. Many people miss that the real treasure is found in a special book called the BIBLE. This is the real treasure for life. It is pirate gold!

And what is even more amazing is that God wants to talk and listen to each and everyone of us. We just need to BE STILL. So, find those places where you can CHAT to God and where you can CATCH those things that he wants to tell you.

Remember, us people is like sand; each grain of sand is tiny. On its own it can look very small, but when it is with other sand it forms something amazing- an awesome beach. When sand particles are together, they can make beautiful castles or animal shapes. Sand can even make glass! How amazing is that? Imagine what people can do if we all work together!

I must go shipmates to travel the seas. It is time to set the riggin’. Maybe one day I will return to that same beach for a forest church in the future. I look forward to seeing you again, but until then me hearties, keep meeting outside at Forest Church to learn more about the real treasure of life.

Pirate Phil

PS: I love pies but am astounded at the prices over here in the Caribbean.

Steak pie in Jamaica  $3:50

Steak Pie in St Kitts  $3:75

Steak pie in Barbados £4:20

I guess these are the pie rates of the Caribbean!