A few folk from St John’s undertook some Fire Extinguishing Training this week, lead by our very own Ruth who is a Fire Investigator in Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and has many years of experience as a Fire Fighter.  Alongside a bit of fun, chat, tea and yummy biscuits, we learned a lot about what a fire actually is, the most common reasons they start, how quickly you need to act and the differences between the various Fire Extinguishers available and what materials they can be used on.  We also thought specifically about our Church buildings, to acknowledge where our fire extinguishers are located and where in our buildings a fire would most likely start.  We then got to the fun bit and were allowed to ‘try them out’ in the car park.

Whilst we hope and pray that we would not encounter any fires at St John’s, this is important training to help us act fast and understand how to correctly put out a fire quickly.  So huge thanks to Ruth, who voluntarily gave up her time and resources to conduct this training and to all who volunteered to come along.